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      Fiber Laser cutting machine

      2020-03-06 09:04:34 Dongguan Haospeed Industrial Co., Ltd. 閱讀

      Fiber Laser cutting machine

      The large format laser cutting produced by Dongguan Lansu Laser has the characteristics of stable, high efficiency and high cost performance. For more information, please click to visit! "

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      The characteristics of Laser cutting machine

      1、Narrow cutting gap, can cut a smaller gap and sharp graphics.

      2、Compared with the traditional thermal cutting method, the laser beam has a smaller diameter, higher energy concentration, faster cutting speed and a smaller impact area

      of heat on the material. Therefore, laser processing can obtain a smaller part typesetting gap, so as to save material and obtain a larger profit space.

      3、Since there is no restriction on cutting workpiece, laser beam has infinite copying cutting ability.

      4、Combined with the computer, the whole board or regular parts of the coedging arrangement, saving materials and processing time.

      5.   Compared with the traditional punch press, the laser can process the products without the need of mold. Compared with the numerical control punch press, there is no

      need for mold installation, adjustment, replacement, maintenance, grinding and other work, which greatly reduces the cost of mold procurement, production, maintenance,

      management, scrap work and process.

      6.Compared with the mold and CNC punch press, the thickness of the material that can be processed by the laser is obviously greater than the former, so the user can get a

      larger product range.

      7.Laser processing belongs to the contactless processing, processing products without mechanical deformation, the appearance is better than the mold processing.


      Service and Warranty

      1、Pre-sales service after the signing of the sales contract between the two parties, according to the specific requirements of the customer, our company will provide the user

      with a free one-week system training (including the principle of laser cutting and practical operation procedures). After the installation of the machine, the basic cutting

      parameters and on-site training will be established according to the common materials of the customer. Finally let the laser cutting equipment or related technical personnel,

      fully master the technical characteristics of our company's laser cutting equipment, operating procedures, maintenance common sense, our training personnel can safely leave.

      The specific contents are as follows:

      Introduction to laser principle and laser cutting machine;

      Laser cutting equipment system components;

      Operation of laser cutting machine;

      Maintenance of laser cutting machine;

      Solutions to common failures;

      Cutting characteristics and laser process parameters of common metal materials.

      2、During the 6 months after the customer purchased the equipment, since the customer was in the running-in period for the equipment, in order to ensure the stable and

      efficient use of the equipment, we would send technicians to pay a return visit, and conduct retraining and technical guidance according to the problems accumulated during

      the customer's use.

      3、After-sales service free installation and debugging of all equipment of our company, free warranty period is one year; During the warranty period, free of charge to arrange

      technical personnel to visit and equipment inspection; Customer service response time to receive the notice within 24 hours, the company's after-sales service personnel to

      arrive at the site; During the free warranty period, such as abnormal water supply, power supply or illegal operation of technical personnel caused by the damage of equipment

      parts shall be borne by the user; In addition to the one-year warranty period, the user also enjoys the lifelong maintenance service of the machine.

      Our service concept: active service awareness, let the device for users to create the largest.

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