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      30W Fiber Laser marking machine

      2020-03-06 09:14:57 Dongguan Haospeed Industrial Co., Ltd. 閱讀

      30W Fiber Laser marking machine

      1. The fiber laser marking machine adopts an integrated modular overall structure, without optical pollution and power coupling and loss, air cooling, high efficiency, long life and less maintenance.
      2. Fast marking speed. The fiber laser marking system uses a high-speed galvanometer system and optimized software and hardware control system to achieve high-speed marking. The marking speed can reach 7000mm / s.
      3. It has a wide range of marking, can mark all metals and some non-metals, and can meet the marking requirements of 95% of users' products.
      4. Low operating cost, the relative peak power of the fiber laser is higher, and the current required for marking is small, less than one kilowatt hour.
      5. It can work normally in harsh environment. The equipment can work normally in harsh environment such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust.

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      30W Fiber Laser marking machine Descrption

      Compared with 20W optical fiber laser marking machine, 30W optical fiber laser marking machine has a slight improvement in marking strength and efficiency.

      According to the needs of market customers, it is also one of the models selected by the public. Optical fiber laser marking machine series is a new generation of laser marking

      machine system developed by our company by using the advanced laser technology in the world. The laser is output by the fiber laser, and then the marking function is

      realized by the high speed scanning vibroscope system. Fiber laser marking high efficiency of mechanical and electrical light conversion, the use of air cooling cooling,

      compact size, good quality output beam, high reliability.


      The characteristics of 30W Fiber Laser marking machine

      1, 30W laser marking machine photoelectric conversion rate is high, long life, easy to maintain, marking speed, greatly improve the processing efficiency. High precision 3d

      positioning technology, high speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam base mode, short pulse, peak power, high repetition frequency, bring exquisite marking effect

      for customers.

      2. The beam quality of the fiber laser marking machine is better than that of the traditional solid laser marking machine. It is TEMOO output with a focus spot diameter of 10um.

      3. The divergence Angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pumped laser, especially suitable for precise and fine marking.


      The application case of Fiber Laser Marking machine

      Application of 30W Fiber Laser marking machine

      1. Automobile machinery industry: steel sleeve, bearing, piston ring, engine, vehicle sign and machine tool, etc.;

      2. Electronic communication industry: mobile phone, keyboard, electronic components, home appliance panel, optical cable, cable, etc.;

      3. Hardware industry: tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, tableware, locks, knives and scissors, sanitary ware, medical equipment,

      fitness equipment, stainless steel products, etc.

      4. Label industry: buttons, luggage buckles, belt buckles, gold and silver jewelry, signs, badges, time CARDS, business CARDS, photos, leather bags, belts, pens and

      pen boxes, collectors, works of art, etc.;

      5, Instrument glasses industry: metal case, table bottom, glasses frame, instrument and instrument panel;

      6, Packaging bottle cap industry: tobacco, drugs, food, cosmetics and other internal packaging, metal bottle cap, furniture decoration, decorative buckle sign, plastic products.

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